Learn How To Compile Your Religion

Learn How To Compile Your Religion

Organized Religions reminiscent of Islam and Christianity are already established on the planet with millions of followers. Surely there isn't a have to compile your faith when you'll be able to simply be a part of one of the established ones and have your entire perception system already created for you. Most individuals are handed their faith by their mother and father and stick with it all the lives, passing it on to their future generations because the true path to God.

However what is the true path to God? Is it Islam or Christianity? Muslims and Christians will inform you their paths are the fitting ones, but yet they both have totally different teachings. The Christian will tell you that the only way to God is by Salvation by means of Jesus Christ while the Muslim will inform you it is by performing good deeds. Because of the numerous differences and arguments that come up, it's no shock why most individuals either stick with the household faith or ignore faith altogether.

There's a widespread perception that you must select one faith and stick to its teachings only. To seek out one with all the answers. In reality, there isn't any such religion, and here is the reason why.

Religions have different sects. Islam, for instance, has Sunni and Shia. Each sects observe Islam but there are differences of their beliefs. Added to that are fatwas (religious rulings) that are established to deal with varied situations - equivalent to Can Women Drive. One sect will call something Halal (allowed) while one other will call it Haram (Forbidden). The typical Muslim takes the easy solution by just accepting what his Imam tells him to believe, whether or not the Muslim agrees with the ruling. Christianity has the same problem with many church buildings akin to Protestants and Catholics having similar teachings and differences on sure subjects. So with so many paths on provide how are you going to discover the best one?

On varied occasions, I've been asked questions on faith that I usually have a set answer for. Therefore I'm normally prepared. Nevertheless, I've been blown over by surprising questions which have caused me to panic. Questions that have had me doubting my faith. Questions I have been unable to find a logical answer for in my inherited beliefs. This was because I never tried to search out errors in my beliefs, nor did I wish to settle for there have been errors. Listed here are a few example questions.

1. For a Christian: Why does a kind and loving God must have his son tortured and killed to be able to forgive sins? Why cannot he merely forgive those who repent?
2. For a Jehovah's Witness: In case your son needed a blood transfusion to save lots of his life, would you let him die to obey your Jehovah's Witness teachings that blood transfusions are forbidden?

These are tough questions to answer. A Jehovah's Witness would probably say sure to the blood transfusion question rather than admit that part of his faith is fallacious, and secretly hope his son never wants one.

Now we see the problem of sticking to the beliefs of the one religion. Subsequently the best solution is to compile your own beliefs - ones that you could accept as truth without error. Ignore all these academics that inform you that it is advisable to stay with one faith and what they say. Spend time evaluating the different teachings and select those you're completely happy with. This does not imply that you should stick with that teaching forever. Discovering the true path means always tweaking parts of your beliefs that you discover errors with. Here is an example for you.

I'm a Muslim but there are things in Islam I don't accept. This does not imply I am going to leave Islam. It just means I reject sure teachings till someone convinces me that teaching is correct. I settle for teachings from each the Bible and Koran and select essentially the most accurate teaching from any that contradict the other.

One teaching in Islam I do not accept is Apostasy. I don't believe someone must be killed for leaving Islam. The reason is that there is always a possibility that an individual might come back and killing them makes that impossible. The bible teaches the parable of the lost sheep which not only allows folks to return to God but there is great rejoicing in heaven when they do. As you see, this is a more settle forable and logical answer.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a need to leave your current religion for those who would moderately keep in that community, but I like to recommend you do not blindly comply with things you do not settle for as truth. By all means, ask questions until you feel you'll be able to either settle for or reject that teaching. Keep in mind it doesn't mean you must give up your total faith, just sure beliefs. You will probably discover that there are lots of folks in your community who can truthfully say there are things they don't accept. Subsequently, start compiling your non secular belief system and start your journey towards the truth.

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