What Is Retinal Imaging

What Is Retinal Imaging

Unlike other medical treatments, eye exams do not only provide solutions to issues you're already aware of, they catch problems which might be undiagnosed before they get worse. As our eyes are three-dimensional, points which can be occurring behind the surface of the eye cannot be seen by simply looking at the eye.

Retinal imaging provides a superb view of your eye. By way of using detailed imaging, an optometrist is able to see the interior structure of your eye, including the retina, optic nerve, and retinal blood vessels. This is possible through the use of a high-decision, wide-discipline retinal camera. The image is taken using an optomap, making a 200-degree view of the retina.

After the image is taken, the optometrist can then analyze the image for any potential issues. This process is completely painless and has no side effects on your vision or eyes. As soon as analyzed, you'll be able to relaxation assured you might be higher protected from the eye diseases below.

If you have been visiting your optometrist for normal visits, you could have probably heard them talk about having your pupils dilated. Pupil dilation is a process that may be very related in its intention to retinal imaging.

Pupil dilation is also used to look at the health of your retina and optic nerve. Nonetheless, after you have got completed the test, you will expertise blurred vision and light sensitivity. These side effects might be irritating for a lot of patients as they limit their accessibility for a few hours.

Not only does retinal imaging not come with these side effects, but it additionally provides a wider view of your eye (about 4 to five occasions wider)! While pupil dilation still could also be wanted in some cases, this makes retinal imaging an efficient different for many patients.

During your eye examination, a wide range of tests are executed to check most elements of your eye health and vision. Using retinal imaging permits the optometrist to view the areas of your eye that cannot be seen without advanced technology. This technology might help optometrists catch eye disease before it can cause serious damage.

The principle illnesses that retinal imaging can detect are glaucoma and macular degeneration. These are clearly visible by using the optomap’s 200-degree scan in the course of the retinal imaging.

Earlier than retinal imaging, optometrists might use pupil dilation to view and analyze the world behind your eye. Nonetheless, this view is just not even near the view that is offered by the optomap and retinal imaging. Retinal imaging permits optometrists to raised understand a affected person’s vision and the interior construction of their eyes.

Glaucoma is a critical eye illness that affects your optic nerve. If glaucoma has set in, the information that travels between your eyes and brain may be interrupted. This can cause a loss of vision or blindness. If glaucoma is caught early, it can be treated, protecting against vision loss.

Visiting your optometrist for an eye exam and retinal imaging permits for a high-decision image to be taken of your optic nerve. Having this image of your optic nerve will help your optometrist diagnose glaucoma and suggest treatment.

Macular Degeneration
Macular Degeneration happens in the central space of the retina, the realm that controls your eye’s visual activity. If this area of your retina is damaged, blurred vision and blind spots can be created.

This subject is vital to catch early because of its treatments. Treatments which are beneficial are injections into the eye or presumably laser eye surgery. Nonetheless, just like glaucoma, this illness could be caught with retinal imaging.

In case you are at risk of either of those diseases, it is highly really useful that you simply visit your optometrist for retinal imaging.

The technology behind retinal imaging is actually amazing. Being able to have this 200-degree view of the eye using an optomap permits us to provide patients with one of the best service doable, making certain their eyes are healthy and their vision is clear.

With eye disease typically remaining undetected if you are not visiting for normal eye exams, you might be putting your eyes at critical risk of growing the illnesses above or ones potentially worse.

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